What if ethics was actually fun?

Crazy idea, but hear us out! Ethical behavior is linked to increased morale, lower stress, and higher revenue. But when ethicists start talking about how cool it is, most listeners immediately fall into a mild coma. So we decided to find a way to make people excited about ethics.

The Simple Principle That’s Sabotaging Ethics


Below, you’ll see three images taken from the top search results of a stock photo library for “dentist”, “getting a shot”, and “accountant.” Take a look at them and try to guess what they all have in common.

They all have human beings smiling while they do something that’s generally considered unpleasant. Of course these images aren’t realistic. No kid smiles like that while getting poked with a needle. But these images are used for marketing purposes to help ease fears and provide a positive image.

Now let’s take a look at the top image results from that same stock image library for ethics and compliance.


No humans. No smiles. Just a choice between right and wrong, and if you choose wrong, you’ll be hearing from my lawyers.

Ethics Has A Branding Problem

Gallup, who provided some of the data on the right, perhaps said it better than anyone when analyzing that data:

The majority of employees have training experiences that are uninspiring, unmemorable or irrelevant to their work.


  • Describe ethics & compliance training as “boring” 70% 70%
  • Admit to not listening to or reading all training materials 50% 50%
  • Felt unprepared to protect themselves and their company post-training 44% 44%
  • Believe that they learned something or that their behavior changed because of training 10% 10%

We help people change their attitude about ethics

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