We want to fundamentally change how people think about ethics & compliance

Ethics professionals tend to be really good at…well…ethics. But they can do other things too! There’s plenty of overlap between ethics, philosophy, compliance, and law.

But what ethics really needs is marketing. Ethics has a major branding problem, and compliance is even worse.


Dallin Cooper Speaking

Let Me Introduce Myself


My name is Dallin Cooper, and I’m the founder of Ethics for Humans. Ever since my first “Intro to Ethics” class in college, I’ve been fascinated by morality and ethics. I founded a marketing agency, which gave me the opportunity to see the impact of ethical decisions up close in personal. When I made decisions that reflected my values, I experienced greater happiness, better relationships, and a better bottom line.

I wanted other people to see that! But they just…didn’t. I asked a COO of a media company that I knew how excited she would be (on a scale from 1-10) to attend an ethics & compliance training, and her response was “Ugh, maybe a .5” That’s right, on a scale from 1 to 10, her answer was literally lower than the scale went. That was a clear signal to me that the entire industry needed some help with its reputation.

Ethics For Humans is about changing how people think about morality and decision-making. Ethics isn’t just about “doing the right thing”, it’s about becoming a better person.

The end goal of any Ethics For Humans program is to have people walk away feeling excited about ethics and becoming¬† better people. In addition, they’ll have to tools necessary to actually become that person.


Is Ethics For Humans Right For You?

If your organization has…

  • No ethics program
  • A “check the box and get this over with” attitude towards ethics & compliance programs
  • An ethics policy that nobody can actually describe or remember
  • Little (or no) internal reporting
  • Problems with compliance

Then Ethics For Humans could be a great fit! But our programs aren’t just for organizations that are struggling. We also work with those that:

  • Have amazing people who want to become their best selves
  • Strive to make a difference in the world
  • Want to develop strong moral intelligence and critical thinking skills