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Every day, we face ethical and moral challenges that invite us to make the world a better place. Sometimes those questions are complicated and don’t have easy right answers. Shoot, sometimes they don’t have right answers at all.

At Ethics For Humans, we’re asking the questions and attempting to get as close to the answers as we can. Whether we’re pulling back the curtain and providing insight to what goes on behind the scenes in different jobs or chatting with experts about how our habits affect those around us, we’ll explore what it means to be a person so we can do our best to be good ones.

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Meet Dallin Cooper

Ever since his first business ethics course in college, Dallin has been fascinated by ethics. But when he tried to share his interest, he found that others were…less than enthusiastic. People just weren’t jazzed about ethics, even though they loved related topics like leadership, motivation, and psychology. So Dallin created Ethics For Humans to find out why.

He found that traditional ethics conversations were focused on what people should do, and were loaded with fear and shame-based messaging. It was all obligation with no motivation.

So now Dallin spends his time on this podcast, giving speeches, and creating courses to help people experience ethics in a way that transforms their lives and makes the world a better place.


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